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International Business Seminars
Business Seminar for 400

Client Overview


Industry: Central European business consultancy

Company Size: <100 employees

Services Required: Venue find & Contract negotiation

Location: Heathrow & West London 

Attendees: 400 - 500 attendees

Relationship length: Continuous since 2018 (3 years+)

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Case Overview

In 2018 we were approached by an international business consultancy that were in a bind.

Following a successful marketing campaign, they were in the fortunate position of needing to quickly scale-up their next event to meet demand. Their existing venue couldn't meet their need, and so at short notice they needed to find a new venue. They wanted to be able to use their own set and AV suppliers, and had specific catering needs requiring detailed venue negotiation.

Event in Brief:

* Main room for 300 - 500 theatre style + projection & lighting rig.

* Food not contracted.

* Suitable space for VIP area and networking dinner

Needs & Challenges:

"We need a venue of international standard, but that will work with us and meet our needs. 

  • Main event space for a weekend day with access night prior for set-up. (Competing with wedding business)

  • A venue that will allow us to book without catering on a room only basis, but provide cash basis tea/coffee without pre-orders, and attendees must have ability to buy lunch onsite/ directly outside.

  • Ability to bring in our own AV supplier


Our Solution:

 The requested pricing format doesn't fit with many UK venues who seek to maximise revenue for their large event spaces. It therefore took inside knowledge (of which venues specialise in which markets), allowing us to approach venues who's core business meant they were generally quiet on the required event days.

Once we had established venues who were potentially otherwise empty, we were able to negotiate with the more receptive venues on the clients' behalf to secure the best value for money.

MArriott Heathrow_Lindbergh.jpg


The client was both surprised and delighted when we were able to provide them with International 4* venues within their  budget, which would accept their catering requirements. This larger capacity and cost saving has enabled the client to increase ticket sales from their initial size of 300, to 500 attendees, strengthening their business and brand.

We were also able to arrange for the hotel to have a multi-lingual member of staff (from the clients' native country) to make the client even more at ease. After a successful first event, the partnership continued, and the rest as they say, is history...

Female Presenter

Client Thoughts

"Thank you for all your help with our business events.  We are very happy with your service and all (of our events) will go through you next years once again"

Entrepreneur, MD & Business Mentor, (International Business Consultancy)

To respect the privacy of our valued clients, we have withheld the identity of those who kindly provided these testimonials.  If you would like to work with us, please get in touch and we will gladly supply verification.

Let’s work together

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