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Event planning for 2021 just got a whole lot easier to navigate!

Distanced, Virtual or Hybrid? Covid-proof your event

The uncertainty of the last year has made it almost impossible for event planners to do their job... until now!

A Hybrid event allows those who want to meet in-person to join you, and those that can't are still able to interact virtually. It's the best of both worlds, and its a whole lot easier to plan than you might think! 

Goodbye travel dilemmas, perception concerns, and flat video content;
HELLO collaboration and engagement! 

An Interactive platform,
for when it is difficult

to meet in person

We help guide you to the best of the interactive platforms to meet your needs, connect and impress your delegates, taking virtual to the next level!

Manage uncertainty; Combine the best of virtual and live events

With similar costs to holding a live event, we guide you through the Hybrid process, enabling you to give your attendees a choice of in-person or virtual attendance!

The Same, but different.
We help safeguard your guests and manage your events in a post-covid world.

Socially Distanced 
Support to navigate in- person meetings safely

A quick guide to your options... 

Virtual Re-Imagined 

Move over Zoom Boom; Engagement & Interactivity are the key

Cue Covid pandemic! Zoom and MS Teams came to the rescue, connecting us to the outside world for team talks, parent's evenings and doctor's appointments. But any longer and people quickly "Zoomed out". Thankfully, demand drove technical advancement, and you no longer have to compromise/ cancel your event, as there are ways to turn virtual events up a notch!

We have identified and tested platforms that are flexible and most importantly engaging whilst still being interactive, to replicate as close as possible historically live events, to enable you to achieve your objectives. These include tools such as branded interfaces and integrated audience response systems to help engage your delegates and recreate the interactivity of a live event, online, creating human interaction through virtual experience.


Whilst there is no substitute for a face to face events, (ok, we're a little biased!) these latest virtual offerings create an impressive experience that will help fulfill your event objectives (and add a bit of fun and novelty) in the meantime. 

ETC_Hybrid event.jpg

What is a Hybrid event?

One event, two distinctly different audiences. 

Those who can attend, do so in person and those who can't or don't wish to, log in. 

A Hybrid platform brings remote and in-person attendees together with interactive quizzes, polls, downloadable slide decks, social media feeds and more, to deliver a truly engaging experience.

We secure a suitable venue for your anticipated live attendees, and then add the event production services to capture your onsite moments and digitize them. 

Where a venue does not have solutions already in place, we have  a wide range of suppliers with good independent knowledge, to be able to advise (in the same way we do for your venues) which solution would be best suited to the needs of your event.   

Live Events Post Lock-down

A New Way moving forward

Throughout the pandemic we have become proficient with the varying precautions, capacity requirements, hygiene, and temperature checks to have in place for live events across the globe. 


We fully support and advise on all the latest updated permissions and can help you as a responsible organiser to ensure the safety and confidence, to help make your guests feel comfortable attending their next event.

Download out free guide to post-lockdown events, including a checklist of things you should consider hosting a live event in a post-covid world.

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