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Inspiring spaces set the scene for productive meetings and events

When it comes to events, one size does not fit all!

Whilst there are numerous venues capable of holding your event, we pride ourselves in identifying the venues that are going to best fulfil YOUR objectives. When the two align, it gives your event the best chance of success. 

By working in partnership, we learn what is uniquely important to you and YOUR events. Nothing fulfils us more than presenting the best possible venue and event solutions, which we know will excite and exceed expectations. Creating long-term, productive and enjoyable partnerships is what we love most.

How We Help

Efficient, Reliable, Trustworthy. We deliver every time.
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Value Added

Having the inside track, knowing which venues meet your needs, and which ones are going to align with your objectives can be make or break for events. It is also helpful to have someone who can take the strain and share your demanding workload.
This is where our venue experts come into their own. Working as an extension of your team, complementing your capabilities, and lending our knowledge and expertise to enhance your events, we can quickly navigate the wealth of options available. We utilise our solid industry experience to identify and help guide you as to which venues are going to be right for your events.   
A partner supporting you throughout the process from start to finish, tailoring our services to your specific requirements. We then apply our pre-emptive planning methodology as an extra reassurance, because it's always nice to save time and know someone's got your back!

What you can expect...

...all as standard!

If you find our approach refreshing, we'd love to explore further. Get in touch and let the experience begin...

Business Consultation


We review the event brief, context and priorities of your search to gain a full understanding of your event requirements.


Our extensive work placing events globally for some of the world’s premier organizations gives us a unique perspective into the challenges facing organisers and venues. 

We identify and help you overcome these challenges.

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Our searches are all carried out by experienced consultants (who you'll get to know along the way), Technology alone can't provide this, so we utilize  knowledge and experience, harnessing but not being overridden by technology.


We then undertake the leg-work of checking availability, obtaining quotations and managing provisional options for you.

Meeting with Clients


Relevant options are presented in YOUR preferred format, including overview, pricing, offers, and specifically details on the proposed function spaces, as well as our thoughts, and experience of these venues. 

We make it easy for you to compare like for like,  and give you an honest and reliable overview, quickly!

Writing Documents


Queries answered, viewings organised, costs and venue terms negotiated, contracts requested.


We undertake the legwork, working as an extension of your team alongside you, to help safeguard the needs of you and your event.



Its all in the detail! Experts in our field, we couldn't just leave it there! 

We handle and cross-check event details, applying our trademark pre-emptive planning methodology to help ensure success and satisfaction from start to completion. 

If a jobs worth doing, its worth doing well!

Additional Services

Supplementary requirements for your group? No Problem!

Events can be complex with multi-location requirements, so once the primary venue has been sourced, we then work closely with you to secure and support your additional needs as part of the course. 

Venues for offsite accommodation, dinners, theming and team building are all sourced in-house with the same precision, service and attention to detail as for the primary event. We also work with our network of trusted suppliers for AV, production and technical requirements who provide additional facilities and services to meet your needs. Not only does this add to the convenience, using suppliers who are familiar in working together increases efficiency and in turn; event success!


Private Dining

A knock-out  dinner is always a memorable part of any event. Be it a roof top reception, or an opulent Banqueting venue, we have the knowledge to source the venues for private dining and group dinners too.

Group Accommodation

We make it easy to secure group accommodation bookings for corporate groups, wherever they want to stay in the world, and if you want, we will even help manage the allocations for you.

Team Building

Need a memorable outdoor team building activity to re-invigorate the team, a conference ice-breaker or a mentally stimulating indoor activity to foster communication?  We can recommend the best company/activity for the job!

AV & Production

For a full event experience, our global event production partners provide Design, Print, and Audio Visual support  seamlessly ensuring your event is managed to perfection, and your guests have an immersive and rewarding event experience.

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