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Programme Planning Assistance for L&D Professionals

Our attention to detail and experience generates long-lasting partnerships built on trust. This has cemented our reputation as industry leaders in L&D programme placement and planning.

We are proud to provide the unique and focused support required by facilitators and planners, enabling them to fulfill their immense workload and deliver invaluable, impactful programmes. 

Global L&D Programme

An invaluable resource at your disposal

We form partnerships and learn your preferences and programme requirements. This enables us to apply our industry knowledge with maximum efficiency, meaning you don't have to repeat yourself when the venues' staff change for example, or to each destination hosting your events. 

A trusted Partner with whom
you can rely on

We assign a dedicated event consultant and coordinator who both get to know your needs to ensure maximum continuity and efficiency, so if you are indisposed, we are there to help.

Time Saving

We learn your preferences and programme requirements, meaning you don't have to repeat yourself for each destination or if staff change at the venue, saving you valuable time.

For us a perfect day is spent supporting busy L&D managers, organising venues and planning for their programmes!

Whether this is for organisational development, company culture or future leaders programmes, we partner with you to deliver effective programmes that offer a unique opportunity for growth and development of both attendee and their company,.

As these programmes are at our core, we are acutely tuned to the specific needs of these events and organisers, and can help provide the best solutions for your needs. - We also have a plethora of light, bright, inspirational spaces for your delegates to think, reflect and develop. 

You are a professional - Why book with us?

Reduce Frustration -Enjoyable trusting relationships with industry professionals you can rely on. 

Save Time - Your programme might repeat itself at various global destinations, but you don't have to! Once we know you programme brief, just give us the destination and we can quickly help you find the right venues to duplicate it in multiple locations, year-on-year.

Reassurance - Your very own venue specialist at your disposal, plus that extra safe guard to help protect your events.

Keep On Track - Extra resources and safeguards to help you keep on track with contracts and status of multiple events. We Bring calm and order to the busy world of events.

When you work with us, the partnership begins. A dedicated venue consultant and coordinator will be appointed to help whilst developing a working understanding of your needs and driving factors behind them, to be able to provide you with the best solutions. 


Additionally when it comes to repeating your programmes (even in a different location),  we will have everything to hand already so you don't have to repeat yourself, saving time, and being one less thing for you to think about! 

We help manage the process from venue enquiry and planning through to post-event so that we can actively provide the support you need, because it's always nice to have that trusted contact who has got your back!

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