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Destination Solutions' integrated offering helps organisers reduce time spent on administration and improve the efficiency of their events.  Managing your event effectively is about understanding your event needs, and applying these to challenge their thinking and create new insight.

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Event Success

The secret to the consistent success of the events we run, lies in the preventative measures we invoke to ensure optimum performance for each and every event. Our trademark pre-emptive planning methodology helps dot I's, cross T's to ensure nothing is taken for granted.


As a company we have vast experience managing events.  We help organisers achieve their desired outcomes, whether accelerating performance, affecting transformative change, or bringing attendees of a management or partner conference together, to boldly create the events you envision.


Measurable Outcomes

We help organisers set measurable outcomes aligned to the strategy and ensure they have the tools to succeed.

Male Speaker

We bring calm and precision to the busy world of event management

Event Management

You need the information quickly, concisely, planned and executed to perfection for your event. 
Where your company's valued and elite are in attendance, time is precious, and exacting standards are the order of the day. You need a trusted partner you can rely on to deliver.
We know, because we've been there... 

An invaluable resource at your disposal

We form partnerships and learn your preferences and programme requirements. This enables us to apply our industry knowledge with maximum efficiency, meaning you don't have to repeat yourself when the venues' staff change for example, or to each destination hosting your events. 

A trusted Partner with whom
you can rely on

We assign a dedicated event consultant and coordinator who both get to know your needs to ensure maximum continuity and efficiency, so if you are indisposed, we are there to help.

Time Saving

We learn your preferences and programme requirements, meaning you don't have to repeat yourself for each destination or if staff change at the venue, saving you valuable time.

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