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Annual meeting of global partners
Global Partner Conference

Client Overview


Industry: FMCG (FTSE 100 company)

Company Size: 40,000 + employees

Services Required: Venue find, accompanies site visits, contract reviews, event planning, remote support.

Location: Venice, Italy

Attendees: 80 attendees

Relationship length: Continuous since 2006 (15+ years)


Case Overview

When one of the world’s largest and most successful consumer goods operations in the world contacted us to request we partner in securing a suitable venue for their prestigious three day programme in Venice we were delighted to help.  Our client was under time pressure to not only secure a venue of the highest calibre and ensure everything ran to exacting standards for the meeting of these global business leaders, but also to coordinate attendance from many regions around the world, (in addition to her regular workload) and required our assistance to lessen the strain and ensure everything ran like clockwork.

Event in Brief:

* Plenary for 80 Cabaret style with projection, stage and top table

* Several breakout spaces for board meetings, all with natural daylight

* Fully residential onsite, with 80 rooms required per night

* Private dining onsite on one night

Needs & Challenges:

"We need a venue of sufficient calibre to bring our Global team together to share ideas and values, in one central European location. 

  • All costs need to be pre-empted to ensure we stay on budget, as the location is known for being costly.

  • AV technicians and support required throughout

  • Prestigious 5* venue in a central location

  • Accommodation onsite to be of equal standards for all attendees.

  • Offsite dining on 2 nights within easy access from hotel.


Our Solution:

The event being in peak conference season, and the desired location offering only a limited number of venues that could accommodate the brief in full and do justice to the event, meant that space was in high demand, and required agility in holding options to allow for detailed review and negotiations.

Of the 3 shortlisted options that met the criteria, we obtained full costings in a like-for-like format spend analysis. The proposed costs were significantly higher than the event budget normally allowed. 

With significant experience and purchasing power in this market, we were able to leverage our commercial advantage during extensive negotiations, and secure advantageous rates to allow the client to proceed on-track with their preferred venue choice.

Marriott hotel maria cristina.jpg


An opulent five star hotel was chosen to secure the business. Ambience of the main plenary was a key factor, and this one did not disappoint, providing a stunning, bright and spacious room with space for the delegates to be seated for presentations plus providing additional space for networking.  Sourcing options for dinners away from the hotel provided an essential change of scene, popular with the delegates after three intensive meeting days. The chosen venue was such a success with the delegates, that many delegates chose to extend their stays into the weekend, for which we were able to secure the same competitive group rates on the shoulder nights each side of the conference. The hotel delivered on service standards and the event was considered a resounding success by all!

Smiling Businessman

Client Thoughts

"I have worked with Martin Lewis and his company, Destination Solutions, for many years. Martin has worked on all types of meetings for me from twelve-member highly confidential board type off-site meetings, to conferences based at many European locations involving 80+ employees. Always he has delivered a top class, professional, quality venue and service for me.


Thanks to his negotiating skills we have always achieved best hotels at excellent prices. They provide the all round package and are supportive throughout the meeting/ conference to ensure consistency of service and quality.

I have been very pleased to recommend Martin and Destination Solutions to colleagues in the global FTSE top 100 organisation in which I work and everyone has been full of praise for his work with them. I cannot praise Martin and Destination Solutions highly enough.

Always top class".

Exec PA, (Multinational consumer goods company)

To respect the privacy of our valued clients, we have withheld the identity of those who kindly provided these testimonials. If you would like to work with us, please get in touch and we will gladly supply verification.

Let’s work together

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