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Re-Connecting! Events to re-energise your team...

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

With an imminent release of lockdown expected, employees starting to return to the office, and the summer months upon us, we take a recap of the best of the outdoor corporate event activities that can inject some fun and help start to safely rebuild those bonds and get your team working cohesively whilst injecting positivity and fun!

How your team day might look:

Start your morning with a huge WELCOME! With appropriate social distancing of course.

This is an opportunity to recap experiences of the past 18 months, and set out what normality is expected to look like for your organisation going forward.

Invest in a motivational speaker to set the tone and re-energise everyone.

Team activity in tables of 6 (bubbles) makes everyone feel comfortable, and controls the environment.

Lunch - Forget school packaged lunch and think Bento style boxes! Cute, and mobile, allowing Al Fresco dining.

The afternoon is a time for building the team dynamics through experience and fun!

Set aside a 1.5 - 3 hours and help everyone remember each others strengths!

Activity Run-down:

Country Pursuits

With invigorating surroundings, flexibility and enhanced safety provided by the fresh-air, it is little wonder that country houses are featuring BIG in venue choices this summer!

Even with current restrictions in place, existing office bubbles can test their witts, intelligence and agility in small teams, competing against their colleagues. Whilst traditional outdoor pursuits like laser clays and archery are ever popular, why not liven things up and inject some hilarity in the form of Duck herding as well! A sure way to put a smile on teams faces, and all at a safe distance!

And for those who have international participants not able to interact in person yet, we decided to conclude with a virtual team activity;

The Wellbeing Wake-up (Virtual wellbeing team event)

This powerful event is designed to improve employee health and wellbeing, whilst contributing to better business performance. This mindset shifting virtual event will literally wake up your team and guide them on an inspirational journey of discovery through the '5 Ways of Wellbeing' to create new life and work enhancing skills.

Compared by a live host, each of 5 Wellbeing topics (chosen to touch on different aspects of wellbeing; being ACTIVE, getting CREATIVE, instilling CONNECTION, stirring MINDFULNESS and engendering COMMUNITY). will be introduced, before a challenge is then issued to the team. Each task is designed to be fun, simple, thoughtful and engaging.

Great for combatting cabin fever and stress and creating energy and positivity.

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