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UK Events; What are the current restrictions?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

With a myriad of ever-changing restrictions, there has been a lot of confusion about what restrictions are (and aren't) in place, so below we explain in summary, what currently applies for UK Corporate events.

  • COVID-SAFE VENUES. A Good corporate standard hotel is only too happy to prove how clean and safe the environments they provide are for your and your guests are. As such, many have sought external verification from companies like SGS (the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company). Your venue agent will be happy to point you in the direction of such approved venues.

  • MEETING CAPACITY: 30. Events can be held for up to 30 people (likely to be in place until end of March 2021), but this number must include any staff that will occupy the room as well.

  • Test & Trace. Venues will now be legally required (From 23rd Sept) to request Test and Trace information from customers and keep the details for 21 days . This used to be voluntary. It is very easy and quick for your guests to scan the QR code using the reader on the NHS app, upon entering the property. - Job done.

  • 10pm Curfew. at hospitality venues of 10pm, so whilst you can't all sit around the bar until the early hours, its great for productivity the next morning!

  • Face masks must be worn whilst in public areas of the venue/hotel, but you are free to remove them in your function room and bedrooms.

  • Socially Distanced layout: Within your function room, the tables and chairs will be socially distanced at a distance of 1m - 2m (depending on venue) and delegates are asked to keep to this at all times.

  • CATERING Lunches are generally individually served bento or lunch boxes, generally delivered to your meeting room, so you wont be mixing with other groups. Dinners can be taken in tables of up to 6 guests in the restaurant, or room service. At the time of writing this, the industry is awaiting clarification if the same meeting group can dine together as one group, but we currently interpret not!

  • OVERNIGHT STAYS Delegates can stay overnight. Corporates standard hotels are working hard across the world to ensure your guests feel safe. To this end, many have produced a comprehensive list of the additional safety procedures they are undertaking to help you and your guests feel at ease, Your booking agent or event coordinator should provide you with this information prior to your event.

So if you and your team are suffering zoom fatigue, and missing face to face interaction, you can meet up in a Covid-secure venue for a productive team day to reboot & reinvigorate!

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